I attended The Pink Lid Conference 2016, “Novel” with guest speaker Heather Schott. This conference revealed how GOD had written my story. It seemed to unfold when an amazing couple felt in their hearts that I was to go to this conference and so they flew my mom and I in from Texas. I had no idea what was about to take place in my life and that I would be changed forever. The “Novel” God had already written was unfolding.

It was during the worship, the worship band was singing a song about surrender, that I surrendered fear, and fearlessness came upon me. That moment, many would think was not a transforming one, yet for me it was. Alyssa Shull had looked at my mom and I and said, “I need your help to pray with the girls.” And with fear I said, “No, I think I’m here to just receive.” I was mainly afraid because thoughts started to consume my mind of “What if…,” “What if I don’t have the words to speak over the girls,” or “What if they think what I’m telling them isn’t important?” “What if they don’t want to hear from me?” “What if they think I’m weird?” Well, I’m learning that the “What if’s” are the whispers of the enemy. Holy Spirit used Alyssa to play a huge part in that chapter of my life by simply asking me to pray for others.

It was the first time in my entire life that I felt fearless. It was a tangible feeling. I felt like I could do anything I set my mind to and committed to the Lord. That was the moment I was able to watch Holy Spirit give me the confidence to pray over the girls with NO FEAR!

NO fear. And I mean that. I had no fear. I realized in that moment that for most of my life fear was part of me so much so that it wasn’t until the LOVE OF GOD overwhelmed me is when fear had to go. Which reminds me of that scripture, “Perfect love casts out fear.” The moment Holy Spirit poured out of me (as I prayed for other girls) is when I felt HIM also pouring into me. It was overflowing. It was life giving. I am so grateful to GOD for The Pink Lid. I am thankful to GOD that Alyssa listened to HIS call because she had no idea that her steps of obedience to start it would be far reaching for my own life. Here she was thinking of the young women who were right in front of her – and yet she was planting seeds of obedience for the young woman that I would become one day.

I remember when Alyssa started The Pink Lid when I was 6 years old and yet I had never been to one of her conferences. So here I thought I was going to celebrate with Alyssa, who is like my older sister, for her 10th year. Yet really it seemed to be a set up just for me. I know that’s not the case, but you know that feeling when Holy Spirit makes you feel like you’re the only one in HIS presence? Yes, that’s exactly what happened.

God used The Pink Lid Conference in my life to make me fearlessness. I was living out the meaning of my name, for the first time: “Bold. Brave. Warrior.”

Love you all!

Paris Keelea

Paris Keelea is a daughter, friend, fashion stylist and loves to live a life of random acts of kindness! It’s the best inspiration behind dressing for significance. Paris also has a passion to let her generation know the power of knowing who Christ is and who you are in Christ, revealing it in conduct and dress. She loves to convey that the best way to show off your style is with the greatest accessory of kindness! FashionByParis Blog @pariskeelea

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